Mohan Mutha group

Growing Mindfully

As a conscious business, we at the Mohan Mutha Group are committed to delivering positive social and environmental outcomes. As we build future-ready businesses, we remain steadfast to our purpose of mindful and responsible growth. We believe that the true measure of our success lies in the value we create for our employees, partners, stakeholders, and the community.

We are a multidimensional conglomerate, spanning diverse industries across multiple global geographies. Founded in 1957 as an international trading company, we have since expanded our business interests to Shipping, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development, Flexible Packaging, FMCG, and Healthcare. Across our various businesses and locations, a common belief binds the Mohan Mutha Group of companies: to grow mindfully and to grow together, carrying everyone along as a family, in our pursuit of success. We are headquartered in Chennai, with a presence in India, Singapore, U.A.E, Uganda, and the Maldives.

The MM Group’s journey began in 1957, from Mandawala, a little-known village in Rajasthan, home to a determined young man named Mohanlal Mutha. A born leader, Mohanlal set out to prove that with a little courage and enterprise it is possible to rise above hardships and turn challenges into opportunities. It was his pioneering spirit that led to the formation of Mohan Mutha Exports in 1977, a company that flourishes even today and is at the core of the $100 Million revenue of the Mohan Mutha Group.

Our Journey